Focus: Pantyhose 500+

As the title indicates, we currently have more than 500 different pantyhose to choose from. At first that might sound a little too much, but when you know how to distinguish the styles and usage, we bet you agree it is just enough.

By Bjørn Annaniassen

To start with the basics, pantyhose thickness are decided in terms of their D-value. The D stands for denier, and is a measure of weight which indicated the fineness of the fiber. The thickness varies from 20D, which is thin, sheer pantyhose perfect for summer, to the heaviest 200D models for winter, in an opaque finish and thick enough to keep your legs warm. The guide below tells you which one to choose for different temperatures:

OK, so now you know how which denier-values you need. Next step will be to find a styling that supports your personal style. Dots, stripes, solid, lace, flower print or various graphics are available. Below you will find some selected goodies for your inspiration.

Itzel Polka Dot Stretch Pantyhose (80D) | $7.00

The flirty and fashionable polka dot styling never gets out of fashion. If you can color match the dots with other garments you have a combo made in heaven! Itzel Polka Dot Stretch Pantyhose (80D) is available in four colors.

Zip Print Stretch Pantyhose (80D) | $7.50

For more casual occasions, you can style up with one of our graphic pantyhose. The Zip Print Stretch Pantyhose (80D) above is funny and eye-catching.

Kaitlyn Rib Knit Stretch Pantyhose (120D) | $8.00

For a plain styling, you can still pimp your style with a rib knit pantyhose. Kaitlyn Rib Knit Stretch Pantyhose (120D) is great choice if you prefer a solid styling as well as some texture to break up the flatness. The horizontal styling helps your legs to look longer, the perfect choice for a slender and sexy figure.

Carla Cable Knit Stretch Pantyhose (120D) | $8.00

One of the hottest trends this autumn and winter is the chunky cable knit style. Wear Carla Cable Knit Stretch Pantyhose (120D) with a discrete and plain style, and still be on the peak in terms of fashion!


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