VANCL affiliate program

VANCL is now preparing for our first abroad affiliate program to promote our global sales. In one and half years during operation, we have been taking applications from our customers to register as local or regional resellers for better discount or marketing support in their regions. Now we have prepared our affiliate program ready for those ambitious VANCL resellers to start their business!

By Bjørn Annaniassen

Please find the below Q&A’s in order to get an understanding of how the affiliate program works.

Q: How does it work and how can I make money out of it?

A: First you need an account registered at When approved, VANCL will set our affiliate members accounts for an extra 10% checkout discount above all other marketing promotions, this discount applies to all free shipping, special price, sale price and USD 9.99 deal items. Our affiliate members can place orders through their account for drop-shipping or re-sale of VANCL’s products, and VANCL will handle the shipment according to the designated address.

Q: How many days the shipment will take?

A: VANCL will use same postal mail service for free-shipping which take 20-25 working days to arrive. Express shipping costs an extra $15.00 for each order which takes 15-20 working days to arrive.

Q: Who’s qualified to apply for the program?

A: Basically we take applications from anyone with an ambition to start their own resale business, especially those with their own online-shopping platform or proven purchase record to establish a resale/distribution network.

Q: What’s the refund/return policy?

A: Refund and return policy will be the same with which will be carried out through e-mails to from your purchase account. There’s NO SPECIAL refund/return policy for affiliate members.

Q: How long can I enjoy my affiliate discount?

A: We will review member’s account performance on a monthly basis and you need to keep a monthly turn over above USD 1,000 to keep your 10% extra checkout discount privilege.

Q: Can I also order through Chinese VANCL site?

A: This affiliate program is designed only for for VANCL overseas marketing promotion and is not valid for Chinese VANCL site.

Q: How can I apply?

A: Interested customers please send their self-introduction (including their country, target focused customer and sales expectations if any) with their VANCL account names (you can register an account at to and we’ll notify qualified customers by e-mails to let them know their accounts have been included in our affiliate program



  1. Registered affiliate program customers can receive 10% discount on all items including already special discount items and still enjoy free freight.
  2. Minimum dealing amount for each affiliate customer should be over USD 1,000 per month.
  3. We will review affiliate member’s record on a monthly basis and those with turnover more than USD 10,000 per month will receive 15% discount from next month.
  4. We will provide affiliate members new account with different discount privilege on check out and upgrade/degrade according to their performance each month.
  5. The affiliate program with checkout discount and free freight policy is designed only for drop-shipping customers, and is not applicable for bulk buyers.
  6. VANCL currently has no plan for signing exclusive regional distributor, no affiliate program members are regarded as VANCL’s official distributor in the region. Your action just represent yourselves and VANCL will take no responsibility in your reselling action or marketing program, nor shall any resellers speak on the behalf of VANCL.
  7. For bulk buying policy details please consult us individually.

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  1. Good day! I am interested in collaboration, discount shipping! How can I contact you? Thanks in advance, Elena!

  2. Hello, I already wrote to, two weeks ago, but still have not received any response.
    I hope to be your partner. How do I get an answer?

  3. Good Day. I wrote to your e-mail, but still have not received any answer.
    I want to be your partner. Where do I go to my application reviewed?

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