Men’s accessories – pimp your style!

Did you know that the right accessories easily can transform your dull and last-year wardrobe into a highly fashionable and good-looking style? In this article, we will show you how.

By Bjørn Annaniassen

To start from the bottom, a pair of fresh and cool socks is essential. The summer is coming, and it is time to get rid of the thick, long and plain colored socks you have been wearing during the winter. A pair of fresh ankle socks should be exactly what you need (unless you are wearing pants with long legs, then go for the long ones or skip socks completely).

Our 2-packs of Argyle Ankle Socks are an excellent choice. They are comfortable to wear and provide rich ventilation and transportation of the moist due to the rich blend of cotton, polyester and nylon.

We also recommend taking a closer look at our fashionable belts. Currently more than 40 styles and colors are available, so we are sure you will find a suitable belt that goes well to your taste. Above we have picked two hot models for this season. They are both in a classic pin buckle style with stitched edges for a casual look. To the left is the Lawson Pin Buckle Leather Belt ZK-015, perfect for chinos and casual pants, and to the right the Gifford Pin Buckle Leather Belt ZK-016 that goes well to jeans. Both are crafted in genuine leather for a long lasting and premium quality.

Lastly you can top your style with a good-looking messenger bag. Our new Linton Graffiti Messenger Bag comes in black and white, and is a fashionable polyester bag with blue details and contrast trims. It is big enough to fit your 12 inch laptop, and comes with zip closure and interior pockets for easy-to-lose items such as keys, iPod or cellphone.


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  1. Those bags should come in Pink and Purple. :P For the ladies. heheheh!!!
    Great update VANCL as usual.


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