2012 Fashion Trend Collection of Shirts

This week we have a strong focus on our new collections of fashion shirts. Have you ever considered what type of collar that makes you look your best? In this blog article, we give you a brief introduction to the most important styles and designs, and what distinguish them.

By Bjørn Annaniassen

Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts are probably the most common and popular type of daily office shirt, which has collars that are each secured down to the front panel of the shirt by a button. Ironically, though it is welcomed among office people, the type of “button down” shirt was a very informal shirt when it was invented some 100 years ago! Over time it has become more and more formal with the favor of people who are less sensitive of formality or lack of such in men’s fashion. Such shirts go very well with khakis or chinos, under a sweater or in a casual office with no strict dress code.

Agustin Button Down Collar Oxford Shirt BlueButton Down Long Sleeve Oxford ShirtSeton Non-Iron Striped Oxford Shirt

Straight and Spread Collar

The most important element of a dress shirt is the collar. To wear a shirt properly, you should always try to dress the shirt the complement your face shape. With VANCL’s vast selection of classic shirts with different collar types, you can always find the one that suits you best.

Spread Collar

With a bigger gap between the tips, a spread collar has many different tips which allow for more revealing of the upper shirt area. It also allows for a larger knot ties such as the Windsor. Men with wider faces should stay away from spread collar because it accentuates the roundness of their face. On the other hand, this type of collar is ideal for men with thinner and longer faces. VANCL’s spread collar shirts ranges from classic spread to modified spread, wide spread to Windsor type, all for your choices.

High-End Windsor Collar Cotton Shirt Randall Non-Iron Striped Oxford ShirtSlim Fit Square Collar Formal Shirt

Straight Collar

The v-shaped points of a straight-point collar are the most common style, and are flattering for most faces. With this type, the tips are closer together. Men with round facial features will definitely benefit when wearing this type because the long collar helps even out the look of the face. Men with thin face, on the other hand, should avoid this type as this will accentuate the length of the face. VANCL provides both classic straight and narrow straight type in this category for you to choose from.

Denton Premium Cotton Formal Shirt Alfred Easy Care Slim ShirtPremium Cotton Striped Business Shirt

Contrast Collar

This two-decade collar style is on the rise. Less rigid and more relaxed now, contrast-collar shirt are bringing a formidably informal look to any guy’s casual collection. They’re savvy and sophisticated options, especially when paired with the right complementary piece.

With a blazer: Though the contrast-collar shirt still maintains some of its formal attitude and up-tempo elegance, it can be a sharp look to wear with a casual blazer and make it well-suited for less formal business occasions. Try to pair our blue striped contrast-collar shirt with VANCL’s navy blazer and watch the intriguing interplay between the two.

With a cardigan: Create a less formal and surprisingly stylish look by pairing a contrast collar shirt with proper cardigan. The preppy yet mature feel as a whole will put you in the spotlight wherever you go.

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts have never gone out of style; it has live side-by-side with the denim jeans for decades. Whether it is the denim fabric’s unique characteristics or the durable quality that keeps it alive is hard to say, so let’s jump to the conclusion: Denim shirts are fashion shirts! Denim shirts are a stylish choice for guys that need to get more out of the shirt that they wear, and is probably the only stable fashion choice that have been around for a long time.

A popular style of the denim shirts is the western style, with the casual look and brings our thoughts to the western movies. They are characterized with the vintage look and chest pockets. The cowboy style with shoulder yokes and contrast detailing is also a masculine choice. Dress up with boots, jeans, a wide belt and a cowboy hat, and you are a cowboy.

The plain looking denim shirts are a good choice that keeps the characteristics of the denim, but in a smoother and more refined finish. Slightly more dressed up, but still relaxed and casual.

Cowboy Style Shoulder Yoke Shirt Rafferty Slim Fit Plain Oxford ShirtWild Wester Vintage Denim Shirt M007

Madras shirts

Madras shirts are made of a lightweight cotton fabric with typically patterned texture and plaid design. The fabric takes its name from the former English name of Chennai, India. This cloth also was identified by the colloquial name, “Madrasi checks”. VANCL’s madras shirts are available in regular cotton. In contemporary fashion, it is used for men’s shirts, women’s skirts and pants, golf apparel, children’s wear and for accessories. Madras shirts are a mainstay of preppy clothing.

The casual characteristics of the madras shirts have made them to a popular choice. With the typical regular fit and curved hem they are a comfortable yet fashionable garment.

Burnum Plaid Cotton Shirt Lindberg Twin Pocket Plaid Cotton Shirt Manfred Plaid Flannel Casual Shirt

Garment Washed Shirts

In order to achieve a laidback, casual and comfortable finish to the shirt, garment wash is used. It is a washing process which uses enzymes that cause transformation or accelerate the aging of dyes to give the shirt a worn-in look. The process is less laborious and more environment friendly than traditional methods such as stonewashing. Some of the key benefits of garment wash are vintage look, reduced shrinkage, friendly to the skin, a soft hand and environment friendly production.

Edwardo Garment Washed Casual ShirtMontgomery Garment Washed Oxford Shirt Maxwell Checkered Washed Shirt


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