Hoodie Boogie


We love the spring, the time when the nature comes back to life. Do you remember the first flowers, the heat from the sun and all the wonderful smells? The chilly mornings and evenings requires a flexible way of dressing. A hoodie is the perfect garment for the spring because it keeps you warm when needed, and it is easily removed when the weather allows it.

By Bjørn Annaniassen

The garment’s style and form can be traced back to Medieval Europe when the formal wear for monks included a long, decorative hood called cowl worn a tunic or robes. Today the hoodie is an everyday garment you can see all around the world. Who doesn’t love these comfortable, casual and relaxed clothes that go to almost anything you find in your wardrobe?

Fashion experts around the world claim yellow and pastel colors to be the hit colors this spring. Are you following the latest fashion trends or are you going your own way? No matter which colors you like to use, there is a reason why hoodies and sweatshirts have become so popular. Pick the one you like and enjoy the spring with VANCL.

Printed Pullover Hoodie All Stars (Men’s)

This hoodie is made with cotton and polyester blended yarn knitted in French terry cloth, which takes the advantage of soft natural cotton and lasting shape of synthetic fibers. It comes in a classic styling with jersey lining and is further decorated with front letter prints and a kangaroo pocket to the lower body. Available in three colors. Click on the pictures below to learn more and order!

Image Image Image

Lollipop Hoodie Sweater (Women’s)

VANCL’s Lollipop Hoodie Sweater was designed with colors in mind. It comes in four sweet and fruity colors, so you can choose whichever fits you! Featuring a cropped sleeve styling with a slim fit and hot appeal. The hood has cool white contrast lace strings and the classic kangaroo pocket is found on the front. Great choice for sports and fun activities. Click on the pictures below to learn more and order!

Image Image Image Image


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