Winter Coat Bonanza – Wool or Down?

ImageAs the temperature in many parts of the world still plays around the freezing point, VANCL keeps your heart warm by introducing a number of warm and fashionable winter coats. Forget about candle lights, red wine and movies on the couch under a huge blanket for a while, and remember how enjoyable the winter can be as long as you stay warm. 

By Bjørn Annaniassen

The big question is which winter coat to choose. They appear in a massive selection of designs, materials and insulations. The fact is that no matter what you wear underneath, you coat is still the first thing people see. In this article, we will take a closer look at our two most popular types – wool and down coats.
– There are penguins and not sheep at the poles, a friend told me. Hence, the down must be warmer. But is it really that simple?


Down coats has become the symbol of cool weather comfort on cold and crisp winter days. The main reason is that down insulation provides excellent heating properties in dry weather, its lightweight and it is hard to resist the fashionable and bulky design with a slightly glossy finish. In order to maintain a lean figure, you can choose a longer coat. The polyester or nylon shell also gives a good protection against wind and rain.



Wool has been used for its excellent warming properties for centuries. It also has the unique feature to keep you warm even if it gets wet. Many people swear to the wool to maintain a lean figure and avoid the bulky Michelin Man-look. On the other hand, wool coats are heavier and they need longer time to dry.


So what to choose?

Unless you spend a substantial amount of time outdoors, you should be fine with either. What you decide to choose turns out to be a matter of your own lifestyle and personal taste. Whether you decide to wear a colorful or glossy fashion down coat or a more classic wool coat, VANCL has a massive selection to choose from. Or why not just buy one of each? With VANCL’s reasonably priced fashion coats you can afford it!

Check out our massive selection of winter coats on!


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  1. can you inform me whether your quoted price with the product is US $ or not,

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