Sandals, Shoes, and MORE!

This season’s turning out to be quite a beautiful one. The weather has been pleasant, and everyone here at VANCL seems to be really enjoying the most out of it!

Just in time, we have a lot of new sandals, flip flops and shoes fresh up on our website at , and I’m inviting everyone to come on over and try a pair out today!

Some of our cheap men’s shoes available are really must sees like our classic canvas shoes and slip-on casual shoes. The real treat for me is our awesome beach sandals and flip flops.

For the ladies, don’t forget to check out our cute high heels, wedge sandals and women’s shoes on promotion this season! You’re sure to find a bunch of great fashion pieces that fit your taste.

VANCL has many more options than just women’s clothing and men’s clothing. Come see for yourself the great styles you’re missing!

Chris Crowell


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  1. I won a $10 gift voucher for participating in the facebook event ! :)

    More shopping to do now~

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