VANCL Featured on eBay Australia

This week VANCL is featured up on eBay Australia’s main page under FASHION!

You can check out the action here.

VANCL is an inexpensive online clothing store trying its best to bring amazing fashion clothing into everyone lives. Check out our great weekly sales here at

You know, taking in the spotlight now and then can be pretty exhilarating… Especially when you know more people in the world are going to get to take pleasure in the great, new styles VANCL has to offer!

Chris Crowell


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  1. Bought 2 jeans, 1 pants and a canvas shoe off ebay during it was on the front page !

    The deals were good and sometimes it is cheaper to shop off ebay’s Vancl instead of the site!

    Gotta love Vancl, a very inexpensive shop!!!

    Spent roughly $300 AUD in total and have gotten:

    -3 pairs of shoes (of which, one canvas and two are those black foamy clothe/plimsols)
    – 3 casual blazers (loved them, wanted to revolutionise my wardrobe and head towards smart casual and slightly more mature)
    – 2 cotton jumpers (one lavender colour and one black fancy v neck one ; good quality and low price! Got them in my first order, haven’t gotten the shirts I wanna wear under yet!)
    -3 jeans ( bought my first pair of white jeans!!! Worked well with a black casual blazer :P, and two other darker blue jeans. Ordered to fit tightly as it seems skinny fit is the trend now.. Least in Australia!)
    -1 casual black pants (loved the feel, will work n match well with what I have!)
    – 2 under shirts (one white v neck for future use with blazers)

    Yet to come (included in the $300!!):

    – 2 sneakers (didn’t wasn’t to just have plimsols!!! Some jeans go well with sneakers too :))
    -3 business/ oxford shirts( to be worn beneath the jumpers as smarter casual)
    – 2 more jumpers, o(ne black cotton and the grey wool one. Bought more for variety)
    – 1 cute hello summer cool vt ( unfortunately it’ll be too cold to wear st the moment! Loved the cute dinosaur design, good with girls hopefully)
    -1 colour changing cloud tee (wanted to try one out! Didn’t like the other designs though! :()
    – 1 leather belt (cheap, will use with pants and jeans!)

    As you can see I’ve bought write a lot at Vancl now, thanks to Vancl can I finally look like what I’ve always wanted to look like!

    If I were to shop at a retail store, the shoes would already amount to one sixth of my total spent at Vancl!

    A casual blazer would well be into $100s.

    Vancl is a god send, no longer have to pay ridiculous prices ! What’s better is this is all coming before I turn 18, a point where I want to make a new chapter in life.

    I’m proud to be Chinese. <3 Vancl

    • Jonathan,

      We’re happy here at the VANCL to hear about all your successes! Please, feel free to let all your friends know about our great products and fashions!

      With amazing fans like you out there, our brand is sure to become an even greater worldwide name! Your support is so important to us!

      Keep in touch!

      Chris Crowell

  2. Great items from you, man. I’ve take note your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely excellent. I actually like what you have got right here,

    certainly like what you’re saying and the way through which you are saying it. You’re making it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it smart.

    I cant wait to learn far more from you. This is actually a wonderful web site.

  3. We really appreciate the feedback about our fashions! Remember, we have new products up everyday at great prices!

    VANCL’s here for you!

    Keep in touch~

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