That Perfect Dress…

When I reminisce back to my school days growing up in Florida, I recall that girls would always be in such a panic vying to find that perfect dress near homecoming season or prom time.

And they were probably the most exciting times of the years now that I think about it. The homecoming dance (and homecoming football game, of course) would be around the corner in the autumn and the prom dance would mark the end of the semester (and saying goodbye to senior friends).

Why would girls be so thoughtful in choosing such beautiful dresses at these times of years and not at other times? Is it not perfectly acceptable to frequently treat yourself to something beautiful and creative to wear on any occasion?

Perhaps you see where I’m going with all this. I want to encourage our ladies out there to pick out a cute dress or two from our VANCL wardrobe! We have designs of all types and fashions that are sure get you looking your absolute best. They’re also easy to style with your shoes, high heel, hats, and accessories!

Take one of our new arrivals this week the Adorable Ruffled Floral Chiffon Layered Dress. Made with chiffon fabric, a women’s favorite, it has a classic “cake” look that any girl’s sure to love. Another piece you sure to enjoy is our Rose Patterned Layered Chiffon Dress which is also another chiffon classic from VANCL. This dress also boasts a style with layers but in a more modest fashion. Here’s a photo:

I hope everyone enjoyed a great month of May! See you all next week!

Chris Crowell


Posted on June 8, 2011, in Clothes. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Wow, I got goose bumps reading your blog!! I’m acctually on VANCL site looking for a dress for myself!! I love the way you write, really touchy. I’m starting to like VANCL now. The picture you put in the blog totally caught my eye and is why I’m on VAMCL’s site. Love it!!!

  2. Chris, I’m from Poland, but you remind me 80′, when I was young man lisening The Cure, Joy Division or The Doors, and looking for first true love :)

    • Hey, Marcin!

      How are things in the beautiful nation of Poland? VANCL’s progressing day by day into the international market, and we hope to one day share our fashion with all of Europe!

      Keep in touch,
      Chris Crowell

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