A Beijing Fashion Success Story: A Look from the Inside

Being the editor for VANCL’s international division, I’m able to see another side of this Chinese mainland giant that many people do not understand. Not only having that, but being a westerner gives me another point of view that others may not have the opportunity to see.

VANCL began as just a small company in China about four years ago, and since has become a major player in the market. Based in the capitol of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, VANCL is now the largest independent online fashion apparel company in the country.

Asia is beginning to show that its influence in the world of fashion is growing at a seemingly exponential rate. Just look at the fashion success story of Tokyo, Japan! Could there be more of a shift coming in the world than we all thought?

It’s a success story that is being seen more and more in this part of the world. But what’s behind the “magic”. Is it brute strength or money? Seeing as we are talking about a fashion company, I think neither. It’s the power of innovation, creativity, and passion for an industry. I see what my Chinese colleagues are doing every day, and it always gives me a lot of hope and inspiration!

I’ve said before that I admire this company’s ability to create new, fresh ideas. It’s something I get to experience day after day. Take two of our new dresses from this week the “Fashion Plaid One-Piece Dress” and the “Fashion Oblique Sleeves Striped Dress”. Both are beautiful pieces that have unique designs and patterning and that can be easily styled with your favorite shoes and accessories as soon as they arrive at the door.
(Below: Oblique Sleeves Striped Dress)

Another great piece that made its way to my desk this week was the “Anti-Wrinkle Mini Checks Dress Shirt White/Navy” from our “no-iron” dress shirts series. Perfect shirts for guys who always want to look their best. Also try our beautiful Oxford dress shirts for an awesome classic look.

I hope everyone out there in the world is enjoying what VANCL has to offer. I’m absolutely certain there’s something for anyone. You need just take a look around our wardrobe and you’ll see what I mean!

Chris Crowell


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  1. Dear Chris

    We are Chinese – Polish company ( Poland is EU country :).
    We just start to promote VANCL products to the Polish customers. Nowdays more and more Chinese brand products start to be famous in Europe.
    From my last trip to China I know that VANCL is very popular in China. Now is time to show VANCL fashion products to the Europe customers.
    Please see our Polish website ( soon english version for EU customers ): http://Yiyee-Tan.pl
    I hope we can start to promote and sell many VANCL fashion products in Poland and Europe :)

    Sincerely, Marcin

    • Hey, Yuanda!

      Thanks for the great comment on VANCL products. We appreciate the support!

      Our site has a surplus of new arrivals! You should come over a see if anything strikes a chord with you. We’ve brought back free shipping, so you might want to browse around a bit!

      Thanks for touching in touch,
      Chris Crowell

  2. Quality wear

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