Could summer be around the corner?

This week’s been wild at VANCL.

New products are being hurried onto the website in anticipation for summer, and we’re all really excited here. I know I can say for one that I’m sensing a brand new season just around the corner!

Speaking of summer, this week we’re promoting some new products we’re sure everyone is going to love. We have our unique line of VANCL “Quick Dry” athlete’s apparel just up. Complete with choices for men and women, we have polos, tees, etc that you can wear the whole day without worrying about feeling wet and sticky.

Besides that, don’t forget to check out our awesome mini shorts for women and casual shorts for men. On top to that, you’re sure to really love our newly arrived beach shorts for this season. It’s a perfect way to cool down this summer and get outdoors (to the beach preferably!).

I hope everyone is staying cool this spring and that we are all ready for summer! It’s going to be a ton of fun!

Chris Crowell


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  1. I can’t seem to fully load this post from my droid!

  2. Fabiyi Olawale

    Good day,
    I have been buying from your eBay store since the beginning of this year so now i have opened my own boutique and decided to sell VANCL products and i have been contacting your company through eBay but the response is extremely slow.Please can you check on this cos its been 3weeks now and our store cant officially open. I am buying $600 worth of goods but i want to trade on eBay only for now until we become very strong together. will wait to hear from you


    • Hey, Fabiyi!

      Pleasure to hear from you, and we thank you for the endorsement! VANCL is striving everyday to bring people like you all over the planet new and exciting fashion at even lower prices!

      Thanks for keeping in contact!

  3. it would be nice something like a preorder !
    For example i’ve seen some shoes in the catalog from yesteday but you don’t have my number !

    Can i really think that you have finished them ?
    it would be nice a waiting list or something like that !

    • Hey, Tony!

      At the moment, our VANCL international site has many new products up, and everything is ready to be browsed and shopped! We’re thrilled to have fans out in the world like you!

      Thanks for keeping in touch,
      Chris Crowell

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